For service, repair and restoration of Koni road and race dampers.

Quite often due to the superior materials and craftsmanship your Koni dampers will outlast you car, however there may be a time when your Koni Classic, Sport, Heavy Track or Race dampers are in need of a little bit of TLC, obviously for logistics reasons it is not viable to return these to the factory everytime for working on, so in each country, Koni has appointed official service centres.

There are two official factory trained independent Koni service centres in the UK. These workshops all have the correct tooling, dyno-tester, training and spare parts in stock to be able to work on all types of Koni damper whether it be an OE Ferrari shocks from the 60s to a brand new 2612 race unit for a GP2 Car.


SP Suspension in Lincolnshire.
Main contact: Shaun Pickering. Tel: 07811-108123. Email:, see more info here

IG Racing in Northamptonshire. 
Main contact: Ian Gardiner: Tel: 07967-300537., website


Services offered:

  • Damper Testing service - with the latest dynomometer technology to check for correct compression and rebound forces.
  • Repair service for leaking or non functioning dampers.
  • Re-valve service for race and road dampers - to increase or decrease the damping forces.
  • Bespoke damper making service - Producing dampers for cars where the original units are not available.
  • Complete damper re-furbishment, including full repainting and new fitting if required.
  • Spares parts supply - External parts only (Bushes, platforms, bearings etc)

Most Koni dampers can be repaired or modified. The exception is the 26 & 30 series (High pressure Gas) and some of the STR.T shocks.




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