Following the huge success of the Special-ACTIVE dampers for the Fiat Ducato based campers and motorhomes, Koni have introduced further applications.
Most Camper vans and Motorhomes are based on light commercial vehicles more at home carrying heavy loads than people, this does not always give the smoothest of rides or the best handling characteristics.
With unsurpassed Comfort and Handling KONI’s patented FSD technology is perfectly suited for Campers and Motorhomes with their high centre of gravity and big overhangs. With this technology KONI is able to create the best combination of superior comfort and exceptional road-holding making any drive a pleasure - be it a short or a long trip.
It seems like I am driving a completely different vehicle
Last year ACTIVE dampers were introduced for the Fiat Ducato based camper, as these vehicles generally have a specific problem, that is the coach builders add a lot of weight to the base vehicle but they continue to use the standard springs, in most cases once the vehicle is loaded with people and luggage the camper sits too low at the front and actually runs on the bumpstops. This obviously causes a very choppy ride and little comfort.

When suppling KONI ACTIVE dampers for these models we strongly recommend changing the springs for a heavy duty version if they have not already been renewed. We stock heavy duty spring from Lesjofors for the purpose. The result of replacing the standard suspension with heavy duty springs and ACTIVE dampers is a much more comfortable vehicle that sits level and drives a whole lot better. One customer commented ‘it is so much better, seems like I am driving a different vehicle, the best £1000 I have spent in years!’
Another popular platform for camper vans and motorhomes is the Mercedes Sprinter, with motorhome producers such as Adria, Carthago, Burstner, Dethleffs and Hymer all using this chassis. We now also have ACTIVE damper available for these too! First indications are positive and a good improvement to the vehicle handling and comfort can be made, The Sprinter does not suffer with the same spring issue as the Ducato therefore our damper can be used with the original OEM springs.
There are two different sets of part numbers for the 2006 onward Sprinter depending on whether the vehicle is build on a 3.5t or 5.0t chassis.

KONI Special-ACTIVE camper dampers have many features and benefits including
• Increased Comfort Level.
• Less pitching and rolling.
• Cabin noise level drops considerably.
• Less prone to cross winds.
• No constant corrective steering actions needed.
• Overtaking is now possible with confidence.
• Increased safety level.
• No electronics - direct replacement.
• Long service life and fully rebuildable

For the 3.5t chassis
Front: 8750-1330
Rear: 8805-1055
For the 5.0t chassis
Front: 8750-1331
Rear: 8805-1056
The dampers are now available from UK stock, front dampers have a retail price of £225 + VAT each, whilst the rears are £115 + VAT.
These are also suitable for use on Sprinter vans, minibuses and executive coaches.

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