The Sixth generation Ford Fiesta (from 2009-2017), which, in the UK, is commonly referred to as the Mk7 is one of the UKs most tuned vehicles.

We have offered the Sport dampers for this model for quite dome time, but as the vehicles get older, a more cost effective solution is sometimes sought, we are pleased to announce that have now back in stock the STR.T dampers for this model which are 30% cheaper than the SPORT dampers.

Like the Sport units they are suitable for use with either the standard OE springs or a good quality set of mild (up to 35mm) lowering springs.

We offer these as individual dampers or as a full kit with a set of H&R 35mm lower sport springs.

Front: 8750-1101L/R List £105.00 each + VAT

Rear: 8050-1130 List £70.00 each + VAT

Kit: 1120-0121 List £450.00 +VAT

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By RFT on 22 Feb 2023

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