OUD-BEIJERLAND, The Netherlands – KONI marked the launch of the new KONI TrackDay Kit by hosting a successful international event at the Bilster Berg Circuit in Germany. Journalists from all over Europe were invited to test a host of KONI products on the public road and on the race track.

The list of attendees at the KONI event proved to be a veritable who’s who of the automotive media in Europe. There were representatives from influential magazines, such as Evo (United Kingdom), Autobild (Germany), Autoweek (the Netherlands), Le Moniteur d’Automobile (Belgium) and AutoVia (Spain), as well as journalists from, among others, Italy, France, Poland and Russia.

They were given the opportunity to drive three different cars on the road and on the track. The BMW 3 Series was fitted with a KONI FSD kit, the Ford Mustang sported a KONI Sport Kit and the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport came equipped with the KONI | H&R TrackDay Kit. At the end of the two day KONI event all journalists were excitedly adamant that they could feel the difference between the cars with OE dampers and the cars with KONI shocks.

KONI has over 150 years of experience in the field of advanced shock absorber solutions. The company has been a household name in the world of performance cars and motor sports for decades. On the basis of that KONI has launched the new and advanced TrackDay Kit for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, SEAT and Volkswagen. It evolved from Formula 1 technology and balances great performance on both the public road and the race track.

Furthermore, KONI’s well-known FSD dampers (Frequency Selective Damping) are the only aftermarket shock absorbers with outstanding, sporty driving characteristics that don’t compromise on comfort. The KONI Sport Kit on the other hand offers KONI shock absorbers combined with high-quality H&R lowering springs. It guarantees superior driving characteristics for sporty drivers, resulting in extreme handling and a razor-sharp steering feel.

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By RFT on 22 Feb 2023

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