KONI’s ACTIVE technology is perfectly suited to campers and motorhomes. It is able to create a perfect combination of superior ride comfort and exceptional road holding, thereby making every trip a pleasure, whether it is a short or a long one. Of course, campers and motorhomes have an infamous high centre of gravity and large overhangs, but with KONI dampers installed they will be less prone to pitching and rolling and also much less susceptible to crosswinds.

So, updating a camper or motorhome with KONI ACTIVE damper technology makes it not only safer, but also easier to handle and more comfortable. The road noise in the cabin is reduced and overtaking will be a breeze as straight-line stability is greatly improved. That means that the need for constant corrective steering is virtually absent, making every drive much more relaxing.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - Campervan/Motorhome
2018 - 2022
Front - 8705-1330 - Active
Rear - 8805-1086 - Active

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By RFT on 22 Feb 2023

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