Right from the start of production it was clear that the 500 would be a very popular vehicle. Koni very quickly introduced adjustable sport dampers which improved the vehicle dynamics and gave it great road handling. During 2010 the Koni sport dampers were joined by the popular FSD dampers, these soon became the most popular choice for the 500 and account for 80% of the 500 dampers sales.
In 2008 Fiat introduce a new performance ‘Abarth’ version of the 500 with a 1.4 Turbo engine producing 130+ horsepower, there have since been further Abarth versions such as the 595, 695 Assetto Corse and Competizione, Most of these special edition versions of the 500 Abarth use Koni dampers with FSD technology inside, FSD dampers are also offer as an option on other standard Abarth 500 models.
Now that the early versions of the 500 are over ten years old a lot of the dampers will have wear and will be needing replacement soon, therefore Koni have just introduced a STR.T dampers,especially for people looking for direct replacement damper, but with a performance advantage over the unit Fiat shocks.
Our STR.T units can be used with the OE Fiat springs or paired with a good quality set of lowering springs. After some further testing we will also launch a Koni STR.T kit complete with a set of H&R sport lowering

We see two separate markets for our dampers, people looking for a major improvement the comfort and driving dynamics in their vehicle will choose the FSD replacement (Special-ACTIVE) dampers whilst for those just looking for a good quality replacement with better performance than OE the STR.T will be the ideal choice.
For this reason a set of the new STR.T dampers will be around £170 (Inc VAT) cheaper than the Special-ACTIVE units.

Fiat 500 2 door and cabriolet 0.9i, 1.2i, 1.4i,1.3 Multijet & 1.4 Abarth 2007-2018 (Excluding 500X and 500L models).

Part Number: Get all 4 dampers for just over £300.

Front: 8745-1127L/R

Rear: 8045-1146

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