In 2018 Mercedes introduced a new version of the ever-popular Sprinter, the W907 which is available in RWD or 4X4.

The application engineers at Koni have done some investigations and development work and whilst some new rear damper development was needed, the fronts dampers are the same as the earlier models.

In the case of the RWD versions, we will offer adjustable Koni Special adjustable dampers and also Koni Active dampers, which are especially suited to campers, motorhomes, and minibusses, due to the increase ride comfort.

Most of the RWD dampers are now available and in UK stock, whilst the 4x4 ones are currently in the final stages of development.

The current available part numbers are:

Sprinter (W907) RWT 3.5t with springs
Front: 8705-1330
Rear: 8805-1083

Front: 87-2656
Rear: 82-2649

Sprinter (W907) RWT 3.5t with OEM air suspension on rear
Front: 8705-1330
Rear: 8805-1086

Sprinter (W907) RWT 5.0t with springs
Front: 8705-1331
Rear: 8805-1084

Front: 87-2657
Rear: 82-2650

Rear dampers for the 5.0 with air are in developmet.

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By RFT on 22 Feb 2023

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