Classic Race Dampers

Classic Race Dampers

8211 Series

Twin tube hydraulic damper

This is a steel-bodied, externally double-adjustable, coil-over damper which has been used on World Champion Formula 1, Can-Am and virtually every other type of race car ever made.
Bump and rebound damping can be adjusted independently without removing the damper from the car. Adjustable spring seats accept 2.25" or 2.50" I.D. springs.

These dampers are fully rebuildable and the valving can be adapted to a wide range of applications.
Recently updated to include advances in materials and manufacturing techniques, this classic shock design is the premium damper for vintage race cars and restorations, as well as the ultimate non-gas alternative for many new race car applications.

The 8211 series have plated steel bodies and are ideal for vintage single seater, touring car and sportscar applications or where special mountings are required and weight is not a concern. The dampers are available in 8 different base valvings, and with open lengths of up to 432mm

3011 Series

Gas Monotube damper

Originally developed in the 80s for Formula One cars that needed high damping force, the 3011 series features a steel body, double adjustability and threded spring platform section in a high pressure gas mono-tube design, ensuring optimum performance. Our patented monotube design allows for independent adjustments to the rebound and compression forces. All damping adjustments are made at the piston, eliminating the additional weight and packaging complications of an external reservoir. The 3011 series offers one of the broadest adjustment ranges in the industry, the rebound adjustment is made at the top of the shock while the compression is made by full extending the shock and turning the rod.

The KONI 3011 shock absorber is performance proven by winning consistently at all levels since 1983, including the Indy 500. The layout accepts 2.25" I.D. or 2.50” I.D. springs. The 3011 Series are especially suited to applications with higher piston speeds, where more progressive damping characteristics are required. They have approximately four to six times the adjustment range in any given valving than their competitors, thus eliminating constant revalving procedures from track to track.

The 3011 series are available with a variety of valvings to meet your specific damping requirements. Having up to a 170mm stroke, it makes the 3011 series a very versatile performer from club racer to Indy, and from street to Historic F1.


The 3011 series dampers are available in either one of two standardized styles. The part numbers ending in an even number are supplied with the standard eye, which has the rebound adjustment window on axis to the mounting eye. The dampers ending in an odd number are supplied with the rebound adjustment window 90 degrees to the axis of the eye. Please note that the eye supplied with the odd numbered dampers increases the maximum and minimum dimension of the damper 5mm (0.2”).

3011 dampers are available with open lengths from 264mm up to 500mm, and is available in four different base vavlings for springs up to 3500lbs.

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