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The VW Transporter has been one of our most popular vehicles for dampers for the last few years, mainly due to the fact that the dampers have remained the same from the early T5 versions,

through to the last of the T6 models in 2020. However VW decided when they introduced the T6.1 in 2020 to make a small change to the front springs and therefore the spring platforms too, meaning our dampers would not fit,

unless the springs were changed at the same time. For a large majority of buyers this was not really an issue as a lot of our dampers get fitted in conjunction will lowering springs, and by using the T6 springs means our dampers are still compatible.

The issue was where people want to retain the OE springs and fit our dampers.

Koni have now introduced specific front dampers in both Special and Special-Active versions for the Transporter T6.1 versions:

T28/T30 Models

Special 87-2669 List Price £228.00 + VAT

Special-Active 8705-1336 List Price £238.00 + VAT

T32 Models

Special 87-2671 List Price £238.00 + VAT

Special-Active 8705-1343 List Price £248.00 + VAT

Sourcing the new revised spring platform has proved quite tricky and

time consuming, therefore we expect initial stocks of all part numbers

to start arriving in the UK around the middle of February.

We do expect a large take up on these, so they can be ordered now,

and will be supplied as soon as available

Whilst never quite as popular as the Transporter we have always sold quite a few dampers for the caddy vans, We expect that the latest series 5 model which came into production last year will be no different.

As with the previous generations VW offer the Caddy Cargo, the Caddy Maxi and the Caddy Life, but a first for the new model is a Caddy California which is a compact 2 berth camper van.

Also for the first time the van is based on the V.A.G MQB platform. This means the front dampers from the Golf will fit straight onto the Caddy and after testing can confirm these work well.

Koni therefore only needed to develop the rear dampers. So for the front tere is now the option to fit Sport, Special-Active or STR.T dampers, whilst the rear is

taken care of with adjustable Special dampers which are now in UK stock.

Sport Front: 8741-1572SPORT

STR.T Front: 8750-1123

Active Front: 8745-1388

Special Rear: 8040-1438

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