Abarth 124 Spider

The newest edition to the RFT fleet is a 2019 124 Spider, as this may be going to some of the events we are attending next year, it has also had the Koni/ Apex treatment. The Koni sport dampers have adjustable platforms, so you can get the stance just right, they are also top adjustable so the ride can be tuned to the drivers preference. Currently the dampers are set at half a turn all round, and in conjunction with the mild 25mm drop offered by the Apex springs, the car sits and behaves really well on the road without being at all harsh or crashy. Parts used - KONI damper 8241-1304SPORT, 8241-1305SPORT and APEX performance spring set 100-4300, total retail cost £858.00 ex VAT. Mini Cooper Turbo Ever since to introduction of the new generation Mini in 2000 they have proved to be a popular choice, from a small shopping car, to a high powered and very tunable ‘Hot Hatch’ sought after by Mini enthusiasts, whilst the handling is very good there has always been a big question mark over the ride comfort. This has improved as the model has evolved, and the the latest third generation cars are the best to date. There is however still room for improvement. The F56 version was unveiled in late 2013 with, for the first time, a 5 door version sitting alongside the three door model. A choice of 1.2, 1.5 and 2.0 litres turbocharged petrol engines were available along with 1.5 and 2.0 diesels, with the 2.0 engines reserved for the Cooper ‘S’ models. The first of the third generation cars became available in 2014, so early models are now 8 or 9 years old. We have offered Special-Active dampers for these models for some time now, and within the last year they have become more popular so we decided to fit a set to the 2019 Cooper 1.5 Turbo model we have here. These were fitted in conjunction with the OE BMW springs to give an overall improvement in, not only comfort but road handling too. These dampers will also suit the One and Cooper ‘S’ versions inc Cabrio models. Within the Koni range there is Special-Active dampers to suit the F54 Clubman version and also the F60 Country models, both of these include the 4x4 models. Parts used - KONI active dampers 8741-1377L/R and 8245-1376 total retail cost £524.00 excluding VAT.

Driver Comment - Whist the 124 Spider has always been a great drivers car, upgrading to Koni top adjustable sport dampers and Apex Springs has allowed me turn into the corner later, and control the car better thru the corner. Being rear wheel drive hanging the tail out on the Spider is always great fun, the combination of shock and spring allows me to put more power through the rear axle without losing control

Driver Comment - The Mini has always been a fun car to drive. The addition of Koni Special Active dampersShocks has improved the ride without affecting the performance. Being Front wheel drive turning in has always been good but now it is both smoother and more positive without losing the comfort

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By RFT on 22 Feb 2023

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