The latest Jeep Wrangler is as American as a cowboy riding into the sunset wrapped in a stars and stripes cloak and with a Bud in his hand, yet it still somehow manages to work quite well on the UK's roads. Introduced in 2018 the Wrangler came in 3 and 5-door models with a choice of petrol or diesel engines, although now only the 272 bhp petrol version remains. The new Wrangler is a significantly more settled beast than the old one, with lighter thuds, felt through its suspension over potholes but a generally stable attitude at speed. However, in standard form, it’s not going to win over anyone who’s used to the handling of a road-biased SUV or crossover, which is where Koni comes in. The engineers have developed new Heavy Track dampers with bespoke valving to offer a more accomplished ride and reduce body roll to give overall better road handling. Also being adjustable, the ride can be further tuned to suit the driver's preference. The dampers are now in UK stock and available for ordering: Front: 8240-1330, List £140 + VAT Rear: 8240-1331, List £140 + VAT Whilst not a particularly popular model in the UK, the D-Max is a fairly accomplished pick-up and has worldwide popularity, hence the need to develop dampers for the model, that was only introduced last year, quickly. The dampers will be suitable for standard-height vehicles and those with a mild 30mm lift. Initial stocks are due in the first quarter of 2023. Front: 82-2651, List £170 + VAT Rear: 82-2652, List £125 + VAT Izuzu D-Max Jeep Wrangler Toyota GR86 The Toyota GT86 was a worldwide hit and success when it was first launched in 2012, a small, lightweight, compact rear-wheel drive Sportscar with decent handling, the only criticism was that the 2-liter non-turbo engine did not produce enough power. Ten years on and that has been addressed with the launch of the GR86 which at 231bhp has over 30 horsepower more. The suspension setup is the same as before, with the same McPherson struts up front and double wishbone with slightly changed rear dampers at the rear. Koni has developed new Sport dampers for the rear and they are due in stock in January. Front: 8741-1560L/RSPORT List £226 + VAT each Rear: 8241-1323SPORT, List £182.00 + VAT each.

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By RFT on 22 Feb 2023

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